who we are:

We are a training firm that must realise our client’s power and potential through innovative training programmes that will lead to effective utilisation of their people, systems and processes. We are proud to have contributed to the success of the careers of our participants and their developmental projects.

We have researched, experimented and gained unmatched competence in Accounting and Finance, Project management and Process Engineering. These are our core areas of unmatched pedigree.

We are a capacity development expert; achieving this excellence through our focused, strategic and bespoke interventions. With combined experience of many years, we have designed and implemented solutions that have and that will continue to nurture, nourish and sustain our clients. We are committed to excellence and professionalism.

What we offer:

* Our core offering is that we have developed specialist knowledge in our target disciplines.
* Our key differentiator is that we stay abreast and will push the frontier to new knowledge.
* Our relevance is that we readily own and apply new knowledge, technology and techniques.

What we believe in:

What we believe in:
- Is that training needs to be targeted, specific and in line with the workplace skill plan and business reality;
- Is to develop individual participant’s effectiveness through the identification, development and the                          management of the skill matrix;
- Lastly, is that training must mirror National Skill Development plan and on a minimum must meet international      models and standards.

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191 Second Avenue
Laudium, Centurion
Pretoria 2194, South Africa



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